How To: Store parsley to stay fresh

Store parsley to stay fresh

This video demonstrates how to store parsley to stay fresh. Parsley is a commonly used herb. But you have to buy it in bunches. How do you keep the parsley fresh? First, wash the parsley really good, then set it in a colander so that it drains but not completely. Then take the parsley and lay it out on a paper towel thinly. Leave the water clinging a little to the parsley. Wrap the parsley in the towel loosely like an egg roll. Fold up the ends of the towel. Then place the parsley, in the towel, inside a plastic bag. Place the bag into the fridge. The parsley will stay fresh for about a week.

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I agree this is a great way to store fresh parsley so that it lasts longer. One of the best herbs to put in just about everything!

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