How To: Peel & mince garlic

Peel & mince garlic

For anyone new to cooking, this basic tutorial shows us how to mince garlic, an ingredient often used in a variety of recipes. If you are going to mince a clove of garlic, you will need to separate the clove from the bulb. Before you mince your garlic, you will need to peel it, which is simple. Simply take a heavy gauge knife and smash it against your clove. The skin will break away very easily so that all you have to do is pull it off. Cut off the hard end of the garlic clove and then smash the clove and roughly chop it. This is good for stir fry or a pasta dish. A garlic press will make the garlic more finely chopped, which is good for a marinade or vinaigrette. The key to remember is the finer you chop the garlic, the stronger it will be in a dish.

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