How To: Handle & mince garlic

Handle & mince garlic

This is a video showing how to handle and mince garlic. Make sure that the garlic is firm and not dried up. The skin is broken with a hammer to get the cloves loose. The skin is then peeled off of the garlic. The garlic is then cut into long pieces. Each slice is a 16th of an inch thick. Heat up olive oil and place the garlic into the oil. Let it cook for about a minute so that the flavor is drawn into the oil. Do not leave the garlic unattended. Garlic burns quickly. The garlic is removed and the oil retains the garlic flavor and the vegetable maintains the flavor. To mince garlic, use a large, wide blade knife. Keep one hand on the end of the knife and use that as a pivot, while keeping the other hand on the handle for cutting. The knife is cleaned off so that the bigger pieces are removed. To get garlic smell off the fingers, use lemon on the hands and rub it in. Then wash hands again. The garlic smell will be gone.

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