How To: Freeze culinary herbs fresh from a garden

Freeze culinary herbs fresh from a garden

Patti Moreno shows us how to freeze herbs you've cut fresh from your garden.

Start by harvesting the parsley and basil by cutting off the tops of the plants, leaving most of the plant in tact so that they can continue to grow. Fresh parsley and basil have to be frozen in a specific way. Take the leaves off and put them in ice cube trays. Fill each ice cube slot about three quarters of the way full with the leaves. Take hot water and pour it into the ice trays. The water will preserve the green color and the flavor in the leaves. Then put the trays in the freezer and allow the water to freeze. Once the trays are frozen, take the cubes out and put them into freezer bags. When you want to cook with parsley or basil, just take an ice cube and put it in the dish you are cooking.

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