How To: Eat edible flowers

Eat edible flowers

Rita Heikenfeld from AboutEating discusses some of the flowers that are not only beautiful but also edible. It is important not to eat flowers that have been sprayed with chemicals. Some of the more common edible flowers are the zinnia, petunia, and the marigold, which has a delicious citrus flavor and is used in bath oils. Impatiens are edible (just the flowers, not the leaves) and come in a variety of colors. Members of the pansy family are edible; violets are one of the healthiest flowers you can eat. Nasturtiums have a spicy flavor and are being used in health research. Roses and snapdragons are edible, as well as the flowers of all the culinary herbs such as chamomile, thyme and sage. The flower of the cilantro plant is pretty and delicious. The rose geranium is edible (though the regular geranium is not). A complete list of edible flowers can be found on the website.

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